Support packages

Digital agencies are known for being a bit too complicated when it comes to their maintenance plans. 

We’re all about keeping it simple & making it easy for you to get great ongoing or once-off support. Which is why we have three different maintenance & support options, individually tailored to suit most budgets and requirements!

hourly packages

We get it, not everyone needs another monthly service with another monthly bill!

If you’re just starting out or your website is small and only needs to be updated every now and then but you also want to make changes, check out our packages of hours, which never expire and can be used for anything and everything, with work tracked in 15-minute increments and reports provided.

10-hour package: $660

20-hour package: $1,100

quarterly package

No matter what size your website is, keeping it up to date will ensure your site remains fast and most importantly, secure.

Our quarterly maintenance package is perfect for small to medium sized websites and includes a monthly backup, monthly updates, plus an hour of tech support for content updates.

$99 per quarter

monthly package

Keep everything running smoothly, with regular updates and weekly backups just in case. Monthly maintenance is recommended for those with larger visitor numbers or with a larger number of plugins and extras.


Weekly backups

Backups, oh glorious backups. We don’t pretend to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the internet, but we certainly know enough to make sure we have copies of everything we put on it!

We run a weekly backup with the 4x most recent backups available to be loaded up at a moments notice, just in case anything goes wrong.


Fortnightly updates

Just like your phone, car and significant other, it’s important to keep your website updated to ensure everything keeps running smoothly.

Keeping your plugins & themes up to date will keep you and your customers safe and secure, as well as ensuring your site runs as fast as possible!


Monthly security, performance & uptime monitoring

We’ll keep track of your site’s performance, keep it secure from spammers and hackers and make sure it’s always available for your visitors to see.


2 x support hours

Need content added or designs changed? Looking to integrate some sweet new functionality? Our support team are on hand to help you for 2 hours every month!

$99 per month